Restore Pinga Oya

Restore Pinga Oya

#RestorePingaOya is a multi-platform digital portal to make available reliable information to support evidence-based discussions on the Pinga Oya tributary of the Mahaweli and its catchment, and relevant activity of government and private actors so as to support advocacy to better its governance. Our focus is on highly disturbed portions of the river such as in Akurana.

There were three floods in Akurana in the 2nd half of 2022 in August, September and December 25. The flood level raised upto 9.5 feet above the road level at its deepest at the Dunuwilla road intersection. The spatial extent of the floods was expanded. Initial estimates for the flood damage was 980 million rupees but this shall be an underestimate.

The #RestorePingaOya initiative is an effort to make the water body what is used to be, a helpful resource to everyone in the vicinity.

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