Time Line

Timeline of Kandy Mob Violence

Precursors, Events and Aftermath

Ds Division Names are in Blue Lettering, Places are in Green. The legend uses colour to show on which day each event happened in a particular Grama Niladhari Division

Time Line Table

February 22nd midnight/23rd-2 pm M.G. Kumarasinghe, Lorry Driver from Ambala, Medamahanuwara, Assaulted by 4 intoxicated youth chasing him on a three wheeler in Karaliyadda Petrol Station, Teldeniya .
-Four Suspects (Muslim) were arrested by the Police and remanded until March 7
March 2nd-MG Kumarasinghe passes away in kandy Teaching hospital.
-His body is taken to home in Ambala
March 3rd-7 AM - MG Kumarasinghe’s death is informed.
-Attacks in udispattuwa & crowd violonce in Teldeniya.
-Police & STF deployed in madamahanuwara Ds.
-Dan Priyasad Chief of “Saviour of the Sinhalese/Batticaloa Mangalaramaya Ven Ampitiya Sumanarathna Ven Galegoda Gnanasara visited to the Ambala funeral house.
March 4th-General Disorderly conduct by Crowds in Teldeniya
-Houses and Mosque Attacked in Medamahanuwara
-24 persons arrested by Teldeniya Police (28 according to HDO report)
-Crowd Protest outside Teldeniya Police demanding release of arrested 24 persons
-All adviced to stay away from shops and houses and trust in the police.
March 5th-Funeral in Ambala in am
-Crowd is transported to Digana 40 km away ,attacks across Kundasale DS ( Digana,Kengalla,Balagolla,Kundasale,Nattarampotha).
-Houses & four Mosques Fire bomed .
-The Muslim houses & shops attacked with Iron Implements, sticks stones and petrol bombs
-Abdul Basith dies is inside one of the houses trapped by the fire.
-Few STF patrol allegedly attack Hijrapura Mosque congreration & attempt to plant weapons on the Moulavie’s
-Footage captured on CCTV
-Curfew Imposed by Police from 3 pm until 6 am on the 6th
March 6th-Abdul Bashith’s body discovered in Pallekelle Bazaar,digana.
-Curfew Imposed on Kandy – from 8pm to 6am
-Emergency Declared by President Sirisena for one week.
-Attacks and Warning targetting Tennakumbura and Kandy.
-Ampitiye Sumanarathna, 11 other monks and Amith Weerasinghe berate Teldeniya Police demading release of affected.
March 7th-Social Media Block Imposed for 72 hours but later extended
-R.M Gunaratha Banda, a mason, from Kaluwana, has injuries possibly from the explosion, three others injured.
-Petrol Bombs Lobbed into 4th m.p Mosque
-Attacks in Pujapitiya ( Mullegama & welekade 10 am ), Harispattuwa (4 th mp enderathanna,Kurundugolla, 12 noon onward),Akurana ( 8 th m.p, 2 pm to 2.30 pm , Deegala,kurudugoda,Malwanahinna),Yatinuwara( Danture,Embilmeegama,Pilimathalawa)
-President Maithripala Sirisena visit to Kandy where he meets religious leaders .
March 8th-Nationwide Emergency Declared
-Amith Weerasinghe, Suredha Suraweera and 8 others are arrested in Pujapitiya DS by the TID,Taken to Colombo.
-Ranjith Madduma Bandara appointed as Minister of Law and Order
-Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Request Tourists to Avoid Kandy
March 9th-Prime Minister visits affected areas in Digana,Kengalla,and Akurana and directs urgency in relief.
-Mahason Balakaya office in Natharanpotha is raided by TID and computers and phones confiscated.
March 10th-Announcement from the President that a Presidenitial Commission with 3 Retired Judges shall be appointed.
-Gunaratna Banda’s Funeral in Kaluwana, Mullegama
-Kengalla Jumma Prayers on the Pradeshiya Sabhawa Grounds with Army and Police Protection and with Buddhist Monks volunteering to stand guard.
March12 th -16th -Grama Sevaka and Development Officers are tasked with estimating losses.
-The Army was going to reconstruct all buildings in a month.
-Private Groups , university students collected data .
-Religious groups & social workers established together a Kandy District Relief Coordination Committee (KRCC)
March 17th-Kengalla Jumma Mosque Prayers are held in a newly constructed shed next to the burned building Debris of Damaged Houses and Buildings is removed by the Army
March 19th-9.8 million of initial compensation was paid by the government
April-SLPP local councilor is arrested for engaging in attacks on the mosque in Digana town
May-June-Human Rights Commission calls for submissions from the affected
-Police Case Filed for Abdul Bashiths Death is called for hearing