Public Toilet built and operated by the Akurana Pradeshiya Sabhawa breaks Public Health Laws

Illegal Public Toilet built and operated by the Akurana Pradeshiya Sabhawa

Floods are not the only serious hazard in Akurana and the Pinga Oya. What is not visible immediately is the biological and chemical pollution in the river. In particular, half the worst offenders in terms of building on the river margins have also built toilets illegally violating the laws about how restrictions to having toilets that can send sewage or other contamination to the river. 

That Laws that are violated (

1. It is within the river margin

2. It breaks the laws regarding including toilets on the river side of the building. 

3. Its sewage disposal shall seep into the river and during times of flood the sewage shall be carried into the river. 

The DMC in its surveys in 2014 have identified it as a building in violation of reservation laws. 

Last year, a program was started by the Akurana Pradeshiya Sabhawa to identify illegal toilets and sewage disposal. Officers walked along the river downstream until the Neeralla bridge. However, their walk was stopped because the stench next to the shops there.

While there are those in the APS who take such initiative at the same time, in the last decade, the APS is not following its own rules.

There is a septic tank under the toilet which is not keeping with the laws. In addition, during floods, the contents of the toilets are washed out to the river. 


The location of Akurana public toilet
Front side of the toilet
A streetview image from 2015 without the toilet and current image with toilet. 

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