The main purpose is to document the mob violence of March 2018 in an arc from Digana to Akurana 10-20 km to the eastern and northern periphery of the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. Through such documentation, we shall identify its drivers and address the factors that led to the conflagration or amelioration of violence. Such documentation, assessments and diagnosis shall help assess the drivers of conflict, and help us identify the risk factors paving the way for community-based risk prediction.


The overall goals are to document what happened with a view to diagnosing the factors that lead to such mob violence and to identify the character of the precursors that of violence in advance.  These shall enable community-based risk prediction in the future. These shall be accomplished by

  • organizing the multitude of information that is there regards and identify gaps to be addressed
  • To map and time code the information
  • to enable the voices of the affected to be amplified,
  • to review the actions and motivations of the state and non-state organizations and actors,
  • to provide diagnoses of the factors that may have led to these flashes of violence
  • keep track of tensions and relevant campaigns and events that emerge in Kandy and elsewhere.