Disaster Services Centre

The Disaster Services Centre (DSC) provides services for risk management and recovery. Initially, we shall assist those affected by the mob violence that took place in Digana and the surrounding areas in March 2018. We shall also address other natural & Man-made disasters.

We are undertaking documentation, maintaining a database of affected, assisting the affected with their documentation needs, monitoring the recovery of the affected and give voice to the affected, recovery with reconciliation programs. In the future, we hope to conduct more services such as educational and psycho-social programs.

↓ 1.Assembling a database of key information of those affected
  • Multimedia and social media

Physical and online editions of newspapers were analyzed with regard to the Kandy mob violence. Posts related to the riots on twitter and Facebook were analyzed and a database on them have been created.

  • Legal cases and News articles
  • Socio-Political Data

Recovery of those affected have been estimated.

↓ 2.Producing literature
Articles were written and published in newspapers such as Sunday Observer, Groundviews, News View and Ada. A timeline depicting the events which took place during the mob violence was created.
↓ 3.Assembling related literature and information
Newspaper articles on past mob violence incidents were collected from various local and international newspapers. Social and historical information were gathered by means of interviews with religious leaders and the general public and also by analyzing newspaper articles. We interviewed Perakatiya Thero, the chief priest of the Ambala Temple, with regard to the mob violence. We also interviewed a few affected families and obtained firsthand information through them.
↓ 4.Developing communication platforms
Social media accounts were setup on twitter and Facebook.  Blogs and a website which present information on disasters have been created.   
↓ 5.Compilation and archiving of photos, videos, and presentations
Photos and videos of the mob violence and related to the mob violence were obtained from various sources and put into databases.
↓ 6.Mapping and Geo coding
A map showing the areas affected by the mob violence has been developed. In addition to this a map depicting the locations of all natural and manmade disasters was created.
↓ 7.Visiting affected areas
  • Enderethenne, Kurndugolla, Uguressapitiya
  • Udispatthuwa, Teldeniya, Ambala
  • Kengalla, Digana
  • Akurana 8th mile post
↓ 8.Hosting visitors of other institutions and NGOs
We hosted Law and Society Trust, Bridging Lanka Ltd (an Australian NGO) and Open Society Foundation, who were also concerned about the mob violence which took place in Kandy. Bishop Kumara Illangasinghe was hosted by Mov.S.Fazal and together they visited the areas affected by the mob violence.
↓ 9.Developing proposals for future work
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