Disaster Support Network

The Disaster Support Network (DSN) brings together experts who support disaster risk management and recovery. This network was initiated as a response to mob violence in March 2018. Our network serves as an advisory body supporting the Disaster Service Centre (DSC). We hope to liaise with all those who are interested in documenting, monitoring and helping in the recovery and in risk management. We are also seeking to establish a comprehensive archive of information on the violence that took place both digital and in paper.

↓ Our recent activities are listed below
  • Conducted seminar for students and teachers of Mowbray College,
  • Held a brainstorming meeting at Mowbray College.
  • Hosted Law and Society Trust Team members.
  • Visited affected areas such as Ugurassapitiya, Enderatenne and Kurundugolla.
  • Obtained information through “Young Friends.”
  • Attended a meeting with Akurana Peace Committee.
  • Meeting youth involved with relief.
  • Meeting mosque trustees.
  • Assisted a journalist.
  • Educating students at Menikhinna library on reconciliation.
  • Participated in the reconciliation program held at Sri Lanka School of Animal Husbandry – Kundasale.
  • Visited to Ministry of Rehabilitation & Department of Muslim Religious Affairs.
  • Attended the reconciliation program and Iftar (Breaking fast) at Temple Trees organized by Prime Minister.
  • Attended the meeting on mob violence held at the Balagolla Temple
  • Organized a project review meeting.
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