Meeriyabedda Landslide

Landslide is one of the main and frequently faced disasters by Sri Lanka. Meeriyabedda, located in Badulla district was struck by a major landslide on the 29th of October, 2014. The landslide which was triggered by continuous rainfall for three consecutive days, affected the workers of Koslande estate, causing immense damage to their lives and property. 16 deaths were confirmed, 192 people were believed to be missing and about 150 homes were buried. The reasons for the land slide include natural causes and unfavorable human interventions.

Aerial view of the landslideThe landslide slope
The landslide slopePart of the damage caused by the landslideDamage house due to debris flow

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Graph credits- Jagath Gunatilake for GIS and Numberical simulation based model for prediction of vulnerability on mountain tsunami at Meeriyabedda, Sri Lanka- Conference Paper

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